Meet Jhaynane Sung

My Journey

I am a holistic nutritionist, reiki practitioner, 3rd generation healer, wellness, and spiritual life coach.
I was born into a lineage of healers. So you can say that healing is in my DNA. 
Having a healer as a mother, I expected to be her successor. However, I always knew that my path would lead me in a different direction.  

In 2016 while still at American University, where Ireceived a Master's in Nutrition, I opened her first health coaching practice. My mission evolved from being weight-loss-focused to mindfulness-centered as I began myown personal binge eating healing journey. 

Since then, I've helped countless women move from dieting culture to focusing on body positivity and mindful eating. I also adopted mindful eating and meditation principles to the nonprofit world while working with homeless teenage mothers in Washington, D.C. 

My focus is to help women find their power by healing emotional and binge eating from trauma around food because of being ashamed and tormented by their looks for too long.