How to Unleash Your Intuition

We all have intuition; it's part of our fabric as humans. Women, who are the incarnation of the feminine on earth, are prone to have a powerful intuition. However, as we get programmed by society, our family, and wanting to fit in, we often ignore our inner wisdom/intuition.

One of the reasons we cut ourselves off from our intuition is that we betray ourselves. It's not our fault that we grow up not trusting ourselves. From a very young age, we are told that we know nothing and the ones to trust are those in authority, such as our parents, teachers, etc., But this programming disconnects us from our natural wisdom and knowing.

Let's get something straight; you are never cut off from your intuition. There's always a feeling, a little voice, or a knowing within you trying to reach out. However, since we are taught that we shouldn't trust ourselves, we ignore those feelings, solely focusing on our logic and mind to make decisions.

The mind is a polarity organ that can only see in black and white. The problem with using your logical mind (masculine energy) solely, you miss many of the nuances in life and the magic of what life can be. The key is to drop down into your heart and feel. Whether you feel your emotions, feel your gut instinct or feel the vibrations/energy around you, you will tap into something magical in your life. Something magical is your inner wisdom/intuition.

Trust in yourself is critical when you are listening to your intuition. But if you have been conditioned to live in your mind, it will take you to take the time to heal, deprogram yourself and sit and listen to what the universe is trying to communicate.

As an intuitive/psychic, whatever you want to call it, I hear and feel things, but although I always had those gifts, it took time for me to cultivate them and fine-tune them. It took a while to trust my intuition, but I believe that was part of my life lesson. I am not unique. You have a gift. You, too, are intuitive, but the world has made you believe that only "special" people have the gift, which is not true. Your gift has to be fine-tuned and worked on for you to use it.

So let's talk about how to unleash your intuition. Your intuition can come in many forms, which all relate to your senses.

Clairaudient: This is where you receive messages as an inner voice guiding you.

Clairvoyance: This is where you receive visions or see symbols.

Clairsentient: This is where you receive messages through feeling, like a gut feeling.

Claircognizance: This is when you simply know something is about to occur or know random facts.

Everyone can have all of these gifts, but one might be stronger than the other. I am clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant and claircognizant in that order.

So how do you develop your gifts?

You have to believe in them. I'm sure you are open-minded enough to believe in these gifts if you are reading this.

Deprogram your mind. You do this by being still, finding a practice to help you center yourself and clear out old beliefs. This can be meditation, breathwork, yoga, dancing, or walking in nature. You don't have to sit down in meditation to be in a meditative state. Instead, find what speaks to you, whether gardening or doing a sound bath. This is for you, so do what brings you joy.

Be patient. It took me months before I could ask a question and receive a clear answer. Why? Because I didn't trust myself, my third eye was muddled. It took me to find the right practice for me to open up my third eye and tap into my gifts.

When you come to a place of healing and begin to trust in yourself, that's when your gifts will flourish. Take your time and really enjoy the process!

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