It's time to unleash the dormant goddess within

Remember who you are! You are Goddess. You are Divine. You are Love.

One thing we forget when we arrive on this planet is who we are. If we remembered who we were, there would be no point in a human experience.

But, as children, we still have a piece of our divine essence intact. It’s not until we reach adulthood that many of us lose that sacred sparkle within our being and conform to the ways of this world.

As we move through life, we pick up other people’s beliefs, traumas (big or small), and other energetic gunk and programs that make us not lean into your greatness. This is normal because life on Earth is a training camp for the soul. But today is your moment to unleash the goddess within.

The first step to unleashing your inner goddess is to know your power. You are a powerful woman despite what the outside world may tell you. The feminine has been deemed weak because of how POWERFUL she actually is, but with conditioning and brainwashing, you forget the power you hold. But the moment you step in your bigness is when you reclaim your birthright.

Be soft and emotional. Those are the feminine expressions that need to be expressed and released for you to be able to step into yourself truly. Expressing your emotions allows for those energies to flow within and out of your body so that you’re able to create and manifest whatever your heart desires. When you repress the feminine, aka your emotions, it is more difficult for you to manifest and use your magic because the energies are stuck. So cry, laugh, scream, do it all to process and release those energies, so all that’s left is the magic for you to create and manifest your heart’s desires.

Be sensual. The goddess is a sexual being. We have been shamed into believing that our sexuality is something to be feared or shamed. But the power you have when you climax is unbelievably powerful. Unfortunately, sensuality and sexual pleasure haven’t been used properly. You can manifest with each climax, but most women have difficulty orgasming. Porn and the belief that we can cum from penetration creates a false narrative that there is something wrong with us if we cannot climax. Instead, take the time to explore your body. Learn more about her and what turns her on. Have your partner explore your oral stimulation to help you find the pleasure which is your birthright.

Be you, unapologetically. We women have been told what it means to be a proper woman, either explicitly or implicitly, but no more of that. Instead, redefine what femininity is by being yourself all day, every day. If you are unsure who you are at the moment, this is the moment to explore who you are and what brings you joy. You may be surprised what you find behind all the masks we have been given.

Unleashing your inner goddess means to release the labels and beliefs imposed on you and tap into who you really are: a badass bitch who is flawless.

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